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Want to be a Hot Tomato?

Thank you for considering working with us! Working at the Tomato is unlike working at many places. Why? Because we at the Tomato are commited to being a force of positivity to our customers and each other, acting with integrity in all situations, and providing the best service that we can both internally and externally. We like to think we set the bar pretty high, and therefore have high standards when it comes to creating our awesome team of people. A huge plus in our mind is if you have experience in a high volume, busy work environment where you could show some good ol' grit and determination, coupled with a healthy dose of initiative and accountability. If this sounds like something you are excited to be a part of, please fill out the application below and bring it back to us, we would be happy to meet you!

How the application process works:

1. You drop off an application. Qualified candidates will recieve a call back for a....

2. Interview number 1: You come in for an interview with our hiring manager and one of our owners. If we think you seem like a good fit you come back for....

3. Interview number 2: This interview will be done with two of our other managers. If all is a 'go' then you will be brought in for a.....

4. Training shift: Ever wanted to really test drive a car before purchase? Keep it for a full day? drive it around town? Here is your chance. A training shift will be an on-shift shadowng period where you will get to see what it is really like to work for us and our co-workers will get to see if they feel like you are a good cultural fit for us. If our co-workers give you a thumbs up you will then....

5. Be put on the schedule for a two week trial period. 

Does this sound more extensive than many hiring processes you have been through? Yes? good! Our culture and our people are so crucial to us that we take extra steps to make sure that we are creating the best working environment that we can!

Hot Tomato Job Application

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