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Closed Sunday & Monday Upcoming Holiday break: Closed December 23rd through January 4th for the holidays


The Hot Tomato

124 N Mulberry St.
Fruita, CO 81521




Reservations: We are a First come, First serve type of place, we are sorry to say that we do not accept reservations. We realize that sometimes you may want to come join us with a large party of people, which is great! Here are a few tips to help you have the best experience with big groups:

  • If possible, avoid peak dining times. These are approx. 11:30am-1:30pm for lunch, and 5:30pm to 7pm for dinner.
  • Spring through Fall is easiest for large groups as, weather permitting, both patios are open which greatly increases our seating space. 
  • You are welcome to come a little early to grab a few tables for your party, we just ask that you are considerate and let others use the space if there is significant time before your party’s arrival. 
  • We love having a Heads Up if you are planning on bringing in a group. Please be aware that giving us a Heads Up though is in no way a guarantee that you will get seats or an obligation by us to provide you with a reservation.
  • We do our best to accomodate large parties, but just ask that you please be respectful. We can’t control our traffic flows, and even if you follow the above suggestions, you still may have times where you will not be able to sit together as a group. We know that this can be frustrating, but please be cool to us and our staff, we can’t control this. 
  • For parties of 50 people or more we occasionally offer group reservations. Please email us directly for more information on these.


The Hot Tomato believes in being an integral part of our local Fruita community. As such we are committed to making contributions to community causes through fundraising and donation efforts. 

  • Donations and Fundraisers are available on a limited basis. We, like all businesses, have closely budgeted available funds that can be directed towards these purposes. 
  • If we are unable to provide a donation or hold a fundraiser, it is not personal, it usually means that we are already at our budget limits.
  • We always prioritize donations and fundraisers that have direct influence on our local community. Hint: While we love that your child might have the opportunity to go to France and participate in a ballet competition, we feel that these types of donations do not provide the type of community engagement and enhancement we look to support. 
  • All donations require a donation form filled out in advance, please drop by and pick one up or we can email one to you!
  • Please give us at least three weeks advance notice on all requests.

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