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Won't the real Hot Tomatoes please stand up?

Posted April 24, 2011 @ 6:10pm | by Anne

We, owners of the Tomato, Jen and Anne, often get mistaken for the two Tomato 'mascots' featured on our posters, website, etc. 

I don't think we look anything like them, and they're much faster on their bikes than we are, but I understand the assumption, and it's okay.

Since we get asked, like, all the time; "is that you guys?" we thought it would be helpful to take this moment for a brief public service announcement and tell you the Real story behind how the now Iconic image of the Tomatoes came to be. And since I completely exploit their likeness on everything, it seems fair to them to give them their time in the spotlight.


The last day in our old location we had a big shindig, we wanted to go out with a bang. Some of our friends from Durango decided to rally and come up for the night. They told us they would be there by 4pm and would help out in whatever way they could.

Despite said friends both being really, really fast bike riders who managed to finish professional bike races in very punctual time frames, in their ordinary everyday life our friends, Ruthie and Elke were known to be, umm, fashionably late sometimes.

4pm comes and goes; we're busy, but no Durango. 

6pm comes and goes and the sea of people in the Tomato has swelled, but still no Durango.

7pm comes and goes. Okay, they bailed, we think. Which was a bummer, friends are good, bailed friends? bad.

7:30pm, we've totally written them off when we see two strange looking costumed individuals walk, (well, sort of stuff themselves) through the doors and people. Gigantic red blobs appear on the horizon. 

Gigantic red blobs that appear on closer inspection to be stumbling into our building. Kind of swerving around and yelling things. Yelling loudly, and such.

You could have heard a pin drop in there. It was dead silence for a brief moment as everyone sat fixated on the seemingly imminent train-wreck happening in the doorway.

Durango had arrived, and they were unstoppable.

Turns out Ruthie and Elke had arrived at 4pm from Durango. It's just that they then proceeded to spend the next 3 hours cutting up red colored bed sheets, and fashioning head pieces out of real, live landscaping that Ruthie had pulled from her front yard. They had donned fishnet stockings, stuffed themselves full of bubble wrap, smeared some red make-up on their faces and come down to the restaurant.

Turns out that they had also finished off an entire bottle of whiskey.

The Tomatoes were drunk.

Elke was yelling things in German. 

Ruthie was pole dancing outside and accosting people to come into the restaurant.

Chaos was ensuing. Chaos ensued for about a solid 3 hours.

In the meantime, it's starting to look like a full on Tomato yardsale in there. Pieces of their costumes are coming unglued/unravelled, etc. Their landscaping is starting to wilt. Their make-up is starting to smear.


Until at the end of the night, all that was left were these sad looking washed-up Tomatoes with lipstick smeared all over their faces and holes in their fishnets.

It was 11pm by the time we got out of the restaurant. Normally, I'd be asleep by then, or desperately trying to get everyone to leave me alone so I could go to bed. But this Tomato opportunity was too good to pass up; photos were definitely in order.

I had some studio equipment in my house at the time and somehow got them to agree to a photo shoot.

If we could herd them out of the restaurant and position them in front of a camera the rest should have been a piece of cake.


Getting monkeys to sit still for a photo would have been easier.

But the urge to put a drunken WWF smackdown on each other was too strong...


And pretty much all of my photos looked like this:

The other thing was that it turned out that the photo shoot coincided with the first trial hearing of 'Friend of Tomatoes' mountain bike racer Missy Giove who had just gotten busted for transporting a bunch of pot. Missy was going to jail. 

The Tomatoes were fired up about this piece of news and pretended they were posing for a Missy-style mug shot.

Which looked a little like this:


And then back to this:

Which is how I ended up with One decent photo of the Tomatoes; Standing still, but post 'Were F@#*ed' which is why Ruthie is smiling, and Elke sort of looks like a blow-up doll.

And that's how the Tomatoes came to be.

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