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Spring is here!

Posted March 21, 2011 @ 4:06pm | by Anne

Okay! Spring is here and with it comes our first Trail update report.

Here's the scoop; Kokopelli system is totally dry and rideable. Look for the upcoming reroute on Troy Built that will eliminate that fall-line downhill and replace it with something a bit more gentle. Copmoba is sponsoring this new reroute on Saturday, April 2nd, so check their website for more info and how you can help with this project.

Bookcliffs: The 'Cliffs are dry with the exception of the Edge Loop (actually, I don't know if this is dry or not cuz' no one local rides the Edge Loop...sooo....) However, they are cow pocked to hell so get out there on your bikes and ride, ride, Ride them back into shape. I rattled my way around them today and while it was fun, of course, it was a bit brutal. Good ol' winter time bovine damage. On a good note, look for some new trails up in the Bookcliffs sooner than later. This is the new focus area for the BLM and they, with the help of the local riding community have come up with some awesome new proposed routes. yea for new stuff in Fruita!!!!!

Grand Junction: All clear and rideable, even the Ribbon and new favorite Butterknife. There's been a bunch of new stuff built in GJ over the last two years, well worth spending some time out there. Check out Miramonte rim if you want something easy, or go throttle yourself down Free Lunch and Pucker up if you're into that sort of thing...

Rabbit Valley: all clear!

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