Tuesday-Saturday 11am to 9pm (ish),
Closed Sunday & Monday Upcoming Holiday break: Closed December 23rd through January 4th for the holidays
Homemade Goodness

Well Hello...

A little bit about us; we are an East coast style pizzeria. That means we bake on a traditional stone deck oven and use ingredients consistent with old school New York and New Jersey pizzerias.

We make all of dough in house, daily, cook all of our own meats, make our sauces and prep all of our vegetables daily as well. We source locally raised sausage and bacon, and use local produce growers during the growing season. 

All of this might make you think we are a fancy establishment, but don't you worry! We still like to keep it real. We are a little rough around the edges and ok with it; we don't have wait staff, and yes the line can get long because of it. It gets crowded in here, and noisy, and sometimes we crank the music up too loud. You'll get your slice served on a paper plate, just  like 'back home' (if you are an East coaster that is...) and since we in an old building with crooked floors, some of our tables don't sit perfectly flush, so watch your beers! All that being said though, what we can promise you is that we do our best, each and every day, to bring you the best pizza we can make, using the freshest ingredients available to us, all in an attempt to bring a little slice of Love to our awesome little town.

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